Fars Chasb MOQUETTE adhesive

Fars Chasb MOQUETTE adhesive


FARS CHASB MOQUTE adhesive is an amber color liquid, universal Solvent borne Pressure Sensitive Adhesivesbased on Synthetic resins and solvent manufactured from best quality materials.

Adhesive is a multipurpose and water, oil, resistance adhesive.

Specially designed for bonding Moquette to cement and tile also it is a multipurpose adhesive which can use  in industries such as bag and shoes ,toys, decoration, lamination, cars, handicrafts, domestic uses ,etc.

It Bonds immediately, strong,Universal,Liquid·- Moisture- and frost-proof, Easy to apply, Oiland environmental resistance.

Surfaces should be dry and free from grease and dust. Parts should fit closely together for optimal result.

Apply adhesive only at temperatures between 8ºC and25ºC. Max. Relative humidity: 65%. To avoid

Blistering due to condensation, temperature of adhesive and materials to be bonded must be at least equal toambient temperature, preferably between 8ºC and 25ºC. Never expose gluedin surfaces to draught.

Spread a film of adhesive on cleaned surfaces by brush or a knife shape apparatus and allow dry immediately then adhering surfaces together and pressing it. Increasing pressure caused stronger bond.


Keep adhesive at 8 to 30 degree centigrade and avoid direct sun light. Keep container tightly after use. At good storage condition shelf life is 1 year.

For any question and more information call FARS CHASB engineering team. 


Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet


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